Talimouck  is a Urban Clothing Brand with an African soul born in Barcelona … where I am currently living. 

It is designed for those who love wearing in their everyday´s clothing style, the vivid and colourful patterns of the traditional wax african prints in an innovative way.


The soul of talimouck lays on the concept that by dressing in its designs you are wearing a part of Africa in // on you to be noticed into the urban jungle.


Handmade…carefully sewed..limited editions..exclusivity and quality are the core of talimouck brand values.


It is a brand where all garments are made with love.


” I discovered Africa some years ago..Born in Paris and growing up in Barcelona..it took me some time to know my other half …my African Heritage. Since then, I felt the desire to dress in my own style by matching this with the power inherit in the African Prints into my everyday urban style. A trendy African style that defines my identity “


Talimouck is a personal project made from the heart.


My wish is to achieve a very recognized style for people who love to dress unique and standout from the crowd.


Looking forward meeting you and wishing deeply that you’ll become a  #talimoucklover.